Carer and Support User Contact Database

CONTACTCarers aims to make keeping track of carer and service user contacts quick easy and central. Multi user from any platform with a web interface, Laptops, mobile Phones etc. All your carer and service user info at your fingers, instantly, wherever you are.

A powerful contact and service user management and reporting tool. Take control of your carer and service user lists and get closer to your users.

CONTACTCarers helps manage contacts, case notes, references, and professional information on carer or service users.


  • • Multi-user access - share and manage contacts data with selected team members
  • • Easily allow information on Carers or Support Users to be passed between Keyworkers and other agencies.
  • • Integrated 'bulk' email and label selection system.
  • • Download and print contact management data
  •  • Stores Single or joint Persoanl Details
  • • Store Upto 3 Cared for person details
  • • Customise condition and other references to meet your specific requirement

Contact Management and information

What CONTACTCarers Contact Database Does

CONTACTCarers contact database allows you to store all of your carer or service user contact details in one online repository. This information is available from any desktop computer or any other internet enabled device.

It allows for contact and action logs to be stored with each Carer or Service user record, so up to date information on the client can be available at the click of a button. Support workers with an iPhone or other internet enabled phone will be able to see up to the second case notes on any Carer or Support user on the system.

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Demo CONTACTCarers

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CONTACTCarers quick FAQ

  • What does it do for us?
    Saves you time and money and centralises all carer and contact information.
  • How much is it going to cost us?
    A one of fee of £1299 and then £150 a year for hosting and support.
  • Can i try before i purchase it?
    A demo version of CONTACTCarers is available here.
  • What if it's nearly but just not quite what we need.
    In the demo version all administration functions have been removed, and the user accounts are simplified. Tracked and stored information such as Illness, Referer, Contact Types and more can all be configured on an individual basis as an administrator. However, CONTACTCarers is a bespoke and individual system and can be altered to suit your requirements.
  • How long does it take.
    Usually around 10 working hours. Bespoke changes may take longer will take longer, but you will be advised at time of discussion of requirements how long this maybe.
  • What can the admin user do?
    Add/Edit/Suspend Users, Illness Types, Contact Types, Referers, and Age Ranges. This allows the Administrator to customise CONTACTCarers to suit The Caring Support Groups exact needs.
  • Is it difficult to use?
    No. Still not convinced? Try the demo here.
  • What else is included?
    host upto 3 domain names, and the facilities to handle upto 20 email addresses.
  • Can we visit you?
    We'd be delighted to see you, contact us on 01723 384531 or and we'll arrange an appointment to suit us both.
  • Can CONTACTCarers come and see us?
    We are based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire and are happy to travel. Especially if there's surf nearby!

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