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Why worry if the software you are buying is right for you when you can try before you buy! Our Demonstration area will give you full access to the majority of features and functions available in the Retail Version. We have had to remove some functionality to preserve the intergrety of the demonstration area and to prevent people eamil addresses being abused.

Non-Functioning areas;

Admin Functions - we've removed the ability to add/edit the Illness, Referer, Age Grouping etc to prevent users of the demonstration area from "clearing" out all the test data. In the Full Version the types of illness, referer, reason for contact, age groups and more can all be edited by your administrator account to allow you to customise the system to your exact requirements.
Email Generation - The ability to generate emails to the mailing list have been disabled to prevent abuse of any email addresses entered and to prevent spammers using the demo system to send mail.  The label printing facility is still available, however in the full version you can also bulk email people in the Mail List.
Delete Functionality - To prevent demo users clearing out all test data the delete functions have been disabled. the facility is still visible, however Delete functions will not actually remove any data.

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